Valley Crisis Center’s Groups

Valley Crisis Center is continuing to grow its support groups for both domestic violence and its children’s group as well. We are hoping to also grow our sexual assault support groups and teen group. All the groups are offered weekly and provide information on how to stay safe when dealing with abusive relationships. The DV and SA groups are offered in both English and Spanish and are offered in Los Banos and Merced. Children’s group is also offered in both Los Banos and Merced but only in English. Teen group is offered in Merced at our office and also at Golden Valley High school for their students while school is in session, but also only in English. These groups are very helpful for survivors of DV and SA as they offer support from other survivors and can be beneficial in learning about healthy relationships. Each group has a 14 week curriculum and once completed each participant will receive a certificate of completion. Children’s group is for children ages 5-12 and we do many different activities like art, reading, and games, all surrounding healthy attitudes and non-violent environments.  If you have any questions on time and dates for the groups please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

–          VCC Counselor

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