Pacific Coast Day of Refreshing


It is believed that the ocean speaks to the soul……

Sit back, relax, and breathe; close your eyes and think back to when you were a child at the beach… the beauty of innocence of things unseen; the joy and excitement of running away from the waves on the shore…the discovery of seashells, and of the things you could make out of the sand! The freedom from chaos and of not watching the clock; the freedom of losing yourself in the awesome wonder of nature and of all that surrounds you!

On May 25 of this year, I had the pleasure of accompanying some of the beautiful ladies of my DV support group to a special day of wonder and renewal. Not only did the ladies enjoy themselves, I did as well; with them, I experienced (and witnessed) the splendid and magical remembrance of childhood freedom; the healing of nature, and of the joy, peace, and celebration of life that is experienced when we get away from “our every day”, and wonder away to another place….

Empowerment, healing, recovery, and positive support are what I try to do my best to provide to clients, and it is my belief that the awesome power and wonders of nature and its healing elements are exceptionally strong “tools” in emotional healing and recovery as well. It is these kinds of experiences with nature that can be empowering, inspiring, calming, and transforming.

I’m very grateful to the management team of VCC for giving the opportunity to support these clients in this way, and I hope these kinds of “retreats” will be possible in the future not only for clients but staff members as well; to let ourselves be surrounded by nature at its best, to calm ourselves, to focus, and to let its power do the rest…

Thank you.



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