Merced’s 2016 Peace for Families: Thank You

Valley Crisis Center put on its annual Peace for Families march in Merced on October 5th 2016. A lot was put into the event, from getting donations, getting volunteers, getting the community involved and finding someone brave enough to share their story at the event.

As you may or may not know Valley Crisis Center prides itself on our confidentiality policy and never do we share any information on anyone unless asked and releases signed by the survivor. Well folks it is your lucky day, not only were we fortunate enough to get all the donations and volunteers for the event, but we also found a very brave survivor who not only shared her story at the event, but she wants us to continue sharing her success here today. I would like to say thank you to our survivor Raquel Calva, as she was beautiful and brave last week while she stood in front of many people and shared her story. Raquel successfully completed all 14 weeks of our Domestic Violence Support group and is a continuing client with VCC. She rarely ever missed an appointment and always gave great advice to other survivors within the group. Raquel had a beautiful message to share, but one thing that really stood out was when she said, “Ask for help, even if your family will not help you, look around at all these beautiful faces willing to lend a helping hand.” Raquel now knows she is not alone and wants to be sure battered women everywhere know there is help out there.

I would also like to send out a special Thank You to a woman who helped Raquel feel even more beautiful than she is by donating a makeover to her for this event. Thank you Gabriella Benedict (Beauty by Gabriella B) from Los Banos for donating your time and services to Raquel. Gabriella provided full service to Raquel; she gave her a pedicure and dyed and cut her hair on one day, then on the day of the event she came from Los Banos to Merced to do her makeup and style her hair. Gabriella says she has always wanted to help survivors of Domestic Violence and what a better way than with a makeover! Thank You to everyone who attended the event weather you are an employee, donor, volunteer or survivor. Together we CAN make a difference!


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