INSPPIRE Los Banos News: New Advocate!

Valley Crisis Center is pleased to announce we will now have an advocate on the Merced College Los Banos campus 2 days a week. Our advocate will provide crisis intervention to and counseling services to students, faculty and staff. Another role of the advocate will be to provide support services to the Rape Prevention Education program INSPPIRE. INSPPIRE has done outreach to around 10 different classrooms with around 200 students hearing our presentations. We have provided resources for them when they are on and off campus and hope to continue doing so until all students have had the opportunity to learn about domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and ways to help reduce the occurrence of such acts. We hope through collaboration of Merced College and VCC to provide the West side community with services they have had limited access to, and continue to help keep our community safe and free from violence.

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