Internet Safety

Internet Safety

The internet has become one of the best tools for finding out information, and it has become one of the easiest tools for abusers to track what their victims are looking at and researching. For stalking victims, not having the correct privacy settings on social media can give their stalkers an easy way to track their movements and plans.

For victims of domestic violence who are planning their escape, using the internet has become one of the most accessible methods to do so. Not only can victims research the best ways to escape, or get assistance from an online message board, chat room and other resources, but they can find resources to better help them reach safety. For some victims, technology can become a trap. With technology savvy abusers especially, it is easy to find out what their victims are looking at. They can use the history, the recent searches and other means to track exactly what a victim has been looking at and thus can use that as a means of control.

With the rise in popularity of smart devices, use of your device’s location can also put you in danger if your abuser has access to the tools to track your device. Please be sure you disable the location function on your phone when fleeing your abuser. This setting is typically found in the settings of your phone.

With the following links you can better prepare for your safety by learning a few simple tricks to better protect yourself from your abuser:

How to Clear History:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

How to Use Private Browsing:

Private Browsing is a sure way to keep yourself safe. Use this page and scroll down to read the tutorial for your browser.

How to Set Privacy Options on Social Media:


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