The Close to Home Project

The Close to Home project is just one of Valley Crisis Center’s Rape Prevention Education Programs. Close to Home is an international movement advocating for whole communities to lead domestic and sexual violence prevention, primarily though changing social norms. C2H in Planada, CA is just one of many chapters spread through out the United States. This program uses research-based information to guide its movement, but enables its community members to lead the change themselves.

Our team in Planada educates the community on the prevalence of sexual violence and how we can prevent it from happening within our homes, schools, churches, workplaces, and communities. The Close to Home team is here to help our community become united against domestic and sexual violence through educational programs.

This includes, but is not limited to teaching our communities about physical and emotional boundaries, the signs of healthy and abusive relationships, communication skills, and an understanding of mental health care.

While our goal is to end sexual violence, we also learn about the different cultures we encounter in our work, help our communities with their needs, and provide resources, including referrals to other agencies. In January of 2023 we worked diligently with other agencies to help mitigate the damaging effects of the flood disaster and tragedy in Planada, CA.

We have created podcasts, books, art shows, skits, videos, commercials and hosted countless community gatherings all in the efforts to change policies and societal beliefs that have allowed sexual violence to happen. We are here to say that NO means NO, to advocate for a safer future, a better tomorrow, and we are here for Planada, CA.


1509 N. Plainsburg Road

Planada, CA 95365

At Bear Creek Apartments

Yes! Our Close to Home team does presentations, trainings and table at community events in Planada! Please head over to our Community Outreach page for more information on requesting a advocate to do a presentation or training or to attend your community event as a tabler. 

Yes! Our Adult Program Specialist was born and raised in Planada and currently still lives there!

Our Close to Home team are bilingual and speak both English and Spanish.  If there are other languages needed, Valley Crisis Center will make every attempt to accommodate.