April 2nd is the Sexual Assault Day of Action. Stand with survivors and show your support by wearing teal this day and tagging us on social media with #VCCMerced

Denim Day is April 24th, 2024. This year we’re having a limited run of Denim Day Buttons. Get yours starting April 1st. For more information, call (209) 725-7900.

Denim Day started in 1992 when the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction. They determined that because the victim, an 18 year old woman, was wearing jeans, she must have help her 45-year old driving instructor remove them, implying she gave consent on the sole basis that jeans are too tight to remove by force.

The next day, in an act of both protest and solidarity, the women of the Italian Parliament showed up wearing jeans.

This act inspired the California Senate and Assembly to do the same on the steps of the Capital in Sacramento. 

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Happening April 24th, 2024!

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